Wind power takes off with new agreement

A landmark agreement has been reached between Government and industry that aims to remove aviation and radar barriers to the major expansion of wind energy, as outlined by Business Secretary, John Hutton.

The Memorandum of Understanding, signed by government departments, agencies and industry follows the Prime Minister̵7;s commitment to find a technical solution to aviation and radar objections to wind farms. 

In this agreement, the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform, the Ministry of Defence, the Department for Transport, the Civil Aviation Authority, NATS and the British Wind Energy Association agreed to:

  • Explore technological solutions to Air Defence and Air Traffic radar, as well as radar absorbent wind turbine technology.
  • Shorten pre-planning times, by introducing a web-based screening tool for the early stage of planning.
  • Establish a new Aviation Management Board that reports directly to Ministers.
  • Work with industry to establish financial and staffing resources dedicated to finding solutions.

Commenting on the agreement, Hutton said: ̶0;This represents real progress towards removing a barrier to the expansion of wind power, while ensuring air safety and national security. This will lead to faster consenting decisions and help us meet our challenging renewable energy targets.̶1; 

Defence Minister Derek Twigg added that the agreement identifies ̶0;future work streams that need to be undertaken in a collaborative manner across Government and Industry̶1;, while Aviation Minister Jim Fitzpatrick said: ̶0;This agreement is good news for the aviation industry because it recognises those concerns. It also shows the commitment of all parties to work together to develop appropriate and equitable solutions that will allow aviation and renewable energy to benefit.̶1;

Image: Wind energy has received a boost

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