Millions lost due to recurring network downtime

Up to 125 man days are wasted each year by IT teams correcting repetitive issues on the enterprise networks, rather than establishing their root causes and rectifying them once and for all.

A global study of 600 CIOs, network engineers and IT managers by Gartner revealed that the average cost of this network downtime - 62 man days - to a business that relies on its network for customer sales and transactions - such as a bank or an online trading company - equates to £1.22m in lost revenues each year according to Gartner’s calculations. The results are based on responses from network engineers, IT directors and CIOs in the UK, Europe, North America, Africa and South America.

‘The State of the Network’ study, sponsored by IT management company Network Instruments, highlighted that less than 25 per cent of those with responsibility for the delivery and performance of business-critical applications consider this to be a major network concern.

"This lack of concern for the delivery and performance of applications is probably a major reason why recurring faults are such a problem,” said Ian Cummins, VP EMEA, Network Instruments.

According to the study, most troubleshooting time was consumed isolating a reoccurring problem. Over three-quarters of the IT teams interviewed spent at least 25 days a year repeating diagnosis, while a quarter spent over 75 days isolating the same performance problems.

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