Laser vision aids robot intelligence

3D Laser Mapping is helping pioneer research into intelligent field mapping robots.

3D Laser Mapping’s laser scanning technology can create highly detailed 3D visualisations of the surroundings so that robots can make intelligent decisions in virtual real time.

As a result of a partnership with Reutech Radar Systems, 3D Laser Mapping has supplied the advanced laser scanning system to the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) in South Africa, one of the world’s leading research, development and implementation organisations. The system will assist the CSIR with research into intelligent field robotics for studies relating to perception, mobility and navigation.

“The laser scanning system will be used to create 3D models of an environment,” said Dr Ajith Gopal, who heads up mobile intelligent autonomous systems research. “By applying advanced stereovision algorithms to these models the robotic platform can effectively make decisions in virtual real time. This is an exciting area of research with potential applications in emergency search and rescue, earth observation and exploration and the development of fully autonomous vehicles.”

The Mobile Intelligent Autonomous Systems (MIAS) research area is part of the Modelling and Digital Science unit of the CSIR. Dedicated to research relevant to intelligent field robotics, such as perception, reasoning, teleoperation, reality augmentation, mobility and navigation, this research domain focuses on the ability to position an object in 3D space through the real-time mapping of the immediate environment and then interacting with the environment to perform useful tasks.

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