Gulf between CIOs' vision and capability to deliver warning

CIOs have a clear vision for their IS organisation, but lack confidence in the ability of their department to deliver the plans, claims research from industry group CIO Connect.

More than 83 per cent of CIOs polled said they had ‘excellent’ or ‘good’ clarity of vision for their IS organisations – but only 58 per cent felt they had the same clarity of plans to deliver the vision and only 45 per cent reported they were in an excellent or good position to deliver on the plans.

The commitment to training and development was clear, with every CIO stating that it was ‘important to have plans in place’ for both the CIO and their team, and 68 per cent reporting that their teams had benefited from previous development programmes. However, the gulf between intention and action became clear when just 52 per cent rated their existing plans as ‘very good’ or ‘good’ and 14 per cent admitted that they were ‘inadequate’.

CIOs believed that the most critical elements in delivering the IS organisation’s vision were building a team with excellent leadership capabilities (79 per cent), good relationships with other parts of the business (79 per cent), and a leadership team that functions as an effective team (68 per cent). This was backed-up with 79 per cent of CIOs voting that having an adequate budget was also very important.

None of the 28 CIOs questioned believed they were a priority for development, with 62 per cent saying they were the lowest priority level. However, when they did consider their own development needs, 46 per cent believed influencing their senior boardroom colleagues and building commitment to IS across the organisation was the priority for their personal development.

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