Fuel hikes make US drivers think twice

Even the car-loving US public is having to make lifestyle changes in response to rising energy prices, according to a study which found that most are driving less and many are considering turning to public transport.

The annual survey of over a thousand Americans carried out by energy investment bank RBC Capital Markets revealed that 90 per cent of Americans have made changes in their daily lives to counter higher energy prices.

In response to higher petrol prices at the pump, 76 per cent of those polled said they are driving less, while 19 per cent are using or plan to take public transport more often. Eleven per cent have made or are considering car pool arrangements.

Four out of 10 workers said they have considered moving closer to their place of work, and 82 per cent of respondents said they will consider buying a hybrid when they purchase their next vehicle.

̶0;The issues Americans are facing as a result of the current energy crisis have prompted not only a change in their attitudes, but also changes in their actual behaviour as they try to manage the impact on their daily lives," said Kurt Hallead, RBC̵7;s director of global energy research.

It̵7;s not all good news for the environment though. More than half of those questioned said the government shouldn̵7;t introduce taxes for people who drive SUVs or other gas-guzzling vehicles that they don̵7;t need for their job.

Image: Three-quarters of Americans say they are using their car less

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