Centre for Defence Enterprise now open for business

A centre for new frontline technologies has opened. Called the Centre for Defence Enterprise (CDE) it is intended to develop ideas that might aid current operations. Situated in the Oxford-London-Cambridge 'Golden Triangle', the Centre will bring together inventors, investors, entrepreneurs and academics to incubate new technologies.

Attendees at the launch seminar were challenged to come up with innovative solutions to address some of the issues facing soldiers on current operations, including how to reduce the weight of personal kit and increase mobility.

Attending the launch of the CDE, Minister for Defence Equipment and Support, Baroness Taylor, said: "We are looking for the innovative solutions and technology that will provide our front line with the battle-winning edge."

Applicants will submit proposals for assessment and the Centre for Defence Enterprise will support those ideas that have the potential to meet current and future operational requirements. The aim is to capture these ideas and develop them into solutions that can be quickly applied to the frontline.

Innovators will be invited to regular seminars showing them what defence is looking for, further opening up communication of MoD, science and technology requirements.

Image: The Centre for Defence Enterprise aims to bring together inventors, investors, entrepreneurs and academics

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