Blu-Ray uptake better than DVD

German optical disc equipment maker, Singular, announced on Monday that it had received orders for 21 Blu-ray dual-layer machines in the first quarter of this year suggesting that the technology is being adopted faster than its predecessor, DVD, 11 years ago.

"This means that the orders for Blu-ray in the first year of the dual layer technology already by far exceeded the volume at the start of the DVD eleven years ago with 17 machines," Chief Financial Officer Stefan Baustert said.

In a statement, Singular said that it had received additional orders for Blu-ray dual-layer machines this quarter and said a key U.S. customer had accepted one of the machines for the first time.

The adoption of Blu-ray had been hampered by the format war with rival technology HD-DVD developed by primarily by Toshiba - but a decision by Hollywood studio Warner Bros early this year to support Blu-ray exclusively effectively decided the issue and Toshiba announced that it was to withdraw the HD DVD rival standard.

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