Apprentice candidates show how not to handle an interview

The final five candidates in BBC's 'The Apprentice' had their interviews last week, but their techniques left much to be desired according to finance recruitment specialist Nigel Lynn. 

Swearing, winking and lying were just some of the things that the candidates did in their meetings with some of Alan Sugar's toughest advisors. 'Interviews are a vital piece of the recruitment process,' said Rhonda Lusty from Nigel Lynn, 'but these candidates made a lot of mistakes. Helene swore and Lee lied about his education on his CV. This made them both look unprofessional and in normal circumstances would have damaged their chances of securing the job. You need to trust the skills and attributes you do have (rather than trying to pretend you're something that you're not) and portray them in a professional and honest way.'

The interviewers described former model Alex as 'bland and looking half asleep'. He also became defensive and sarcastic when told his CV was boring. 'Although you want to come across in a professional manner, it's also important to be enthusiastic and show the interviewer that you have a personality that will fit in well with the team,' comments Lusty. 'Alex should have smiled and showed he did have some character and he needed to stop getting so stressed - his defensiveness was verging on rude.'

Other mistakes the candidates made were spelling and grammatical errors on their CV, putting fluency in their native language as a skill on their CV, talking too much and not answering the questions asked. 'Interviews can be hard but a lot of these mistakes can be easily avoided,' said Lusty. 'The golden rule is to remain professional, but be yourself and let your talent shine through.'

Image: The final five candidates in 'The Apprentice' should not have impressed Alan Sugar, says recruitment specialist

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