UK launches research project for green vehicles

The UK government is investing £23m on the development of ̵6;green̵7; technologies for vehicles, in cooperation with a number of manufacturers.

Sixteen ̶0;low-carbon vehicle development projects̶1; are being targeted with funds from the government̵7;s Technology Strategy Board and a further £52m of investment from industry.

The projects to receive funding will be led by a wide range of organisations, from major manufacturers to small and medium-sized companies and university spin-outs, the TSB said. 

The research and development will cover technologies such as lightweighting, internal combustion engine developments, fuel cells, energy storage,  and aerodynamics. Companies involved in the project include Ford, Jaguar and Ricardo.

In a separate move the TSB said it planned to launch a ̶0;low-carbon vehicles integrated delivery programme̶1; this autumn.

The £70m project would aim to ̶0;coordinate low-carbon vehicle activity from initial research through to future procurement opportunities, speeding up the time it takes to get low carbon vehicle technologies into the marketplace̶1;.

Image: Jaguar is one of the companies involved in the scheme

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