Silver Peak claims Gigabit WAN acceleration first

Silver Peak Systems has launched the NX-9000 claiming it to be the first Gigabit WAN acceleration product.

The device supports up to 4Gbps of bi-directional LAN side traffic and 1Gbps of bi-directional WAN side traffic, with 8Tb of local data store available for WAN deduplication.

Other NX-9000 features include:

  • Two 10Gbps interfaces and four 1Gbps interfaces with EtherChannel bonding for physical connectivity between Silver Peak appliances and network elements, which is required for deployment in data centres.
  • Supports for over 256,000 simultaneous TCP flows.
  • Encryption performed in hardware at wirespeed.
  • Optimisation of all enterprise applications, including TCP traffic (file, email), real-time UDP traffic (VoIP, video), latency-sensitive traffic (Citrix, data replication) and applications with dynamic data formats (AutoCAD, MS Excel).

̶0;It is becoming increasingly common for enterprises to deploy Gigabit WAN connections using MPLS, IP VPNs and similar ̵6;shared̵7; technologies,̶1; Silver Peak director Jeff Aaron says.

Further information:

Image: Silver Peak̵7;s NX-9000 features two 10Gbps interfaces and four 1Gbps interfaces

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