Rising power prices and space shortages beset data centre fortunes

Industrial electricity prices are the 'clear and present danger' to the data centre user and the IT community, according to the last Data Centre Price Tracker, published by Tariff Consultancy

Electricity usage is now being presented as a separate cost item to the purchase of data centre space, which is resulting in marked price inflation. The quarterly-published Data Centre Price Tracker has tracked the changes in data centre per rack pricing for over more than 60 separate facilities in 13 European countries.

Industrial electricity prices have proved to be volatile but have increased over time. France, Sweden and Switzerland have consistently been at the lower range of electricity rates in Europe over the last 12 months. In Germany, Italy and the UK, meanwhile, electricity rates feature among the highest in Europe.

"We are seeing price inflation for the pan-European carrier-neutral data centre provider in particular," said Margrit Sessions, managing director of Tariff Consultancy. "Suppliers are taking advantage of rising space utilisation to raise their prices for new space, and boost their rate of return. Tariff structures are being modified in all markets. We predict that all of the major providers will seek to raise their revenue per square metre in the months ahead."

Per-rack data centre pricing has also changed over time, with average European pricing as of April 2008 reaching almost ̈́4;800̵1;per-rack/per-month. Rates in individual countries can vary by up to 200 per cent (in Germany, for instance). Ireland, the UK and Switzerland have average per-rack pricing that is close to ̈́4;1000 Euro per month, while Italy appears to have the lowest average per rack pricing in Europe.

Further information: www.telecomspricing.com

Image: Data-centre tariff structures are being modified across Europe, as major providers will seek to raise their revenue per square metre in the coming months

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