New members join forum for enhanced GPS

Two companies join with CSR to deliver a complete environment for development and conformance testing of hybrid positioning system.

Agilent Technologies and Spirent Communications are to join CSR and Motorola in the EGPS Forum, an industry forum for evaluating and fostering enhanced Global Positioning System (EGPS) technologies.

Working with CSR, Agilent and Spirent have created an essential building block of EGPS: a single system that can simulate both GPS and cellular signals. This system provides a development and test platform that designers can use to help them build EGPS technologies.

Spirent makes test equipment for satellite navigation technologies and has provided CSR with its GPS satellite simulation and cellular multipath fader systems. CSR says Spirent's experience in testing both satellite navigation and cellular wireless has been invaluable in developing a system appropriate to the hybrid (cellular + satellite) nature of EGPS.

Agilent has a long history of working with handset makers and network providers around the world and developing measurement systems for cellular technologies. This experience will be valuable in building an EGPS system suitable for roll out in a wide range of 2G, 2.5G or 3G networks.

EGPS technologies augment GPS to provide timely and accurate position information in demanding environments. The EGPS Forum says that it "advocates improvement to location technologies in mobile devices and is committed to meeting both consumer and regulatory needs for precise and consistent levels of location information."

Image: The EGPS Forum now consists of Agilent Technologies, Spirent Communications, CSR and Motorola

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