IT support now gets seat on the board says report

IT service departments are twice as involved with business in 2008, compared to five years ago, claims a report by the Service Desk Institute, Hornbill Systems, and the IT Support Show.

The increased profile of IT within the business has been reflected in the new role of the service desk, the report - The Changing Face of the IT Service Management Profession - says, with today̵7;s organisations̵7; dependence on technology, IT service management, and the service desk, being raised to boardroom status, with 65 per cent of businesses having IT representation at board level, compared to 58 per cent in 2003.

There has also been a marked increase in IT involvement in business planning, with nearly double (56 per cent) of IT departments now involved in the process, compared to five years ago (31 per cent). The role of the service desk has grown with the numbers of support desk staff almost doubling to meet extended round the clock, dedicated support demands, the research suggests.

̶0;Technology has facilitated the expansion of the service desk role, making it easier to track and measure service delivery,̶1; says Patrick Bolger, chief marketing officer of Hornbill Systems. ̶0;The research states that 74 per cent of organisations now measure internal customer satisfaction as a key performance indicator, compared with only 30 per cent in 2003.

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Image: IT service management - and the service desk ̵1; are being raised to boardroom status, claims a new report

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