IT staff disillusioned by lack of consideration

IT staff are feeling increasingly disenfranchised by the growing number of IT decisions being made by non-IT professionals and the lack of consideration for IT impact in business decision making.

According to a survey by software company CA, this situation is causing over 50 per cent of UK businesses to fail to invest appropriately in IT infrastructure when introducing new business processes; this is despite the predicted 4.9 per cent increase in investment on £82m already spent annually. State of the Nation: Network and Voice Management 2008 also shows a significant gap has been created between business requirement and IT's ability to meet business needs.

The study identifies two key reasons for this disconnect: a lack of training and inadequate investment by the business in key areas.

The IT department is being put under increasing pressure to deliver the innovation that companies need to grow their customer base, market share, products and services; yet the IT infrastructure now in place cannot cope with this demand. The study found that 47 per cent of respondents experienced a slowing of applications due to network stress, and over a third experienced downtime.

Such insufficient infrastructure impacts the ability of a business to adopt the new technologies required for future success. Of the IT decision makers surveyed, 37 per cent believed lack of future investment in the network would impact business ability to adopt online applications; share company information (38 per cent); and to get access to information on the move (30 per cent). Training required by IT to deliver on these investments is not keeping pace of business demands.

̶0;Many of these issues could be resolved if IT was involved upfront in the decision making process alongside the business,̶1; says Kirsten Cox, EMEA product marketing director at CA.

̶0;But the main reason why this is not happening is because IT departments continue to be seen as IT administrators by the business̶1;.

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Image: IT staff are being put under increasing pressure to deliver the innovation that companies need

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