IT salaries are up by 4.1 per cent

Permanent position salaries in the UK IT sector have risen by 4.1 per cent over the last 12 months, according to a study by IT recruitment company CV Screen.

The analysis of the IT jobs market monitored over 11,000 advertised positions in the UK during Q1/2008, and concluded that the average advertised salary for an IT professional in the UK stands at £34,217.

"The continued high demand for IT professionals has continued to put upward pressure on IT salaries," says CV Screen's managing director Matthew Iveson. "There are certain technical skills where there is still a considerable war for talent with candidates with strong skills in areas such as .Net, C#, and PHP ̵1; these are inundated with opportunities."

With regards to the outlook for salaries during the remainder of 2008, Iveson believes that the UK IT Jobs market "holding up well in spite of the wider economic problems".

He adds: "It is likely that as a result of the rising costs of living in the UK that more candidates will seek to move for financial reasons, thus putting further upward pressure on IT salaries."

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Image: Continued high demand for IT professionals has put upward pressure on IT salaries, reckons recruiter CV Screen

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