This issue rounds up some of the more off the wall devices from last months Consumer Electronics Show.

RC cooler

The RC Cooler is the ultimate accessory for when you have the lads round to watch the match and no one can agree whose turn it is to decamp to the fridge to restock with cold beer. Simply fill up the electric RC Cooler with enough bottles to see you through to half time, and it'll keep them cool right there on the floor. Not only this, but the remote control means you can scoot the device across the floor to the sports fan with the greatest need. [new window]

Available in the spring for around £30

Nokia 3110 Evolve

This phone looks a little out of place among the smartphones and iPhone-alikes demonstrated at CES, but this handset is probably more important than most. Created by Nokia as an example of how conscientious design can preserve style and function as well as maintain eco-credentials, the 3110 and its packaging are made predominantly from recycled materials. The casing is constructed from biomaterials comprising over 50 per cent recycled plastics and the packaging is smaller and made from 60 per cent recycled material. Even the supplied charger is the company's most energy efficient to date, requiring 94 per cent less power than tough US Energy Star requirements, and it automatically shuts off when the phone is unplugged. [new window]

UK price and availability to be announced

Taser MP3 holster

Taser International supplies stun guns to law enforcement organisations around the world, and they are currently being trialled by some UK police forces. A handy new holster from the company holds not only your stun gun but a 1GB MP3 player too. The company has been stepping up its consumer product offerings with tasers in new colours like 'red hot', 'fashion pink' and now 'leopard skin'. According to Taser's CEO, it provides a personal protection option for women who want "fashion with a bite". [new window]

UK pricing and availability never to be announced

Irobot Looj

Although not the most glamorous robot on display at CES, the Looj from iRobot gets the vote for pure practicality. To use it you simply place it at one end of your guttering and set it off sweeping, it will then traverse the length of your guttering ejecting the leaves onto the ground below. With the Looj you still need to climb the ladder to place it in the guttering but it eliminates the need to continually move the ladder to clear the full length. No UK stores currently stock the Looj, but it is available from the company's own website. [new window]


Gibson robot guitar

This must be the coolest robot demonstrated at CES. The Gibson doesn't play tunes by itself, but it does replace the job of the roadie who would tune a guitar up before it is played. The guitar comes with seven preset tunings, although it's easy to program your own. Then, turn an added knob on the Les Paul electric guitar, and the tuners start spinning, back and forth. After a few seconds, lights flash to announce the instrument is ready to play.

This would be really useful if you like to use a number of tunings for different songs, branching beyond the tried-and-true EADGBE. The Gibson Robot seems to let musicians get past the mundane and spend more time being creative. [new window]


Panasonic 150-Inch plasma display

You have to have the small brain and the large salary of your typical Premiership footballer to shell out for one of these. But with its 4k-resolution screen (four times the resolution of full HD) it may have some use in small cinemas rather than home cinemas - as 4k is the resolution of choice for digital cinema . There is no pricing or availability information as yet, but if and when it does go into full production, we expect the cost to be significantly north of the £40,000 of the 103in plasma that Panasonic demonstrated last year. [new window]

UK pricing and availability to be announced

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