This issue we try out some of the newest toys on the market.

Motorola S9-HD

Bluetooth wireless stereo appears to have come of age considering how many headphones there are available. In our opinion, the cream of the crop is the Motorola S9 HD wireless headphone, which is compatible with all Bluetooth 2.0 mobile phones and media players. In addition to being wireless, these headphones are welcomingly comfortable with special noise-cancelling ear buds that reduce background noise. Also, they have SRS Wow audio technology ensuring that your music's loud bits and bass stuff remain crystal clear.

Pricing and availability to be confirmed [new window]

LG Voyager

LG's new premium smartphone features a large external touch screen for easier phone and Internet navigation, a built-in music player, and shortcut menu icons that appear on the Voyager's touch screen. Another set of icons at the bottom of the screen lend the Voyager a more than passing resemblance to the iPhone. But what makes it different are such features as a qwerty keypad that slides open sideways, expandable memory that holds up to 8GB, and 3G connectivity for high-speed Internet access. The Voyager is also kitted out with multimedia capabilities, such as a very good HTML Web browser, mobile TV, video, and a music service with the ability to play MP3, WMA, and unprotected AAC files.

Pricing and availability to be confirmed [new window]

Samsung Q1 Ultra premium

Samsung's new flagship ultra-mobile personal computer (UMPC), the Q1 Ultra Premium, improves on its predecessor, the Q1 Ultra. It has extended battery life and better text entry powered by a 1.33GHz processor, along with 2GB of DDR2  system memory. Samsung claims that it will last up to eight hours without recharge. Also, this model features its predecessor's split qwerty keypad, which provides larger, improved keycaps. It also comes kitted out with an 80GB hard-drive, fingerprint reader and an SD/MMC 2-in-1 memory slot. It also has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.0.

Pricing and availability to be confirmed [new window]

Pinnacle video transfer

This device might prove useful if you travel for lengthy periods and don't have time to catch up with your favourite shows. It allows you to record and encode television programmes and other types of video content on-the-fly without the need for a DVR or PC, and transfer the content directly onto your iPod, PSP or USB-compatible drive. You simply connect one end via cables to, say, the video out of your TV, and the other end to a storage or media device via USB. The one-touch operation is welcome and the results when we tested it were adequate - even if the sound was a little bit on the hissy side.

£99.99 [new window]

32GB Ipod touch with new apps

Recently, Apple announced a storage and software upgrade for the iPod touch. The new apps upgrade your device into a fully fledged portable computer. Most welcome is the customisable home screen, which means that you will be able to throw up bookmarks and other shortcuts that you use most. The notebook app is very responsive and you will soon be tapping away at reasonable speeds. Email is also another benefit and you will be able to configure it with any imap or pop3 account. For those users who already possess an iPod Touch all is not lost - you can purchase a firmware upgrade for £12.99 through iTunes.

£329 [new window]

Oregon scientific handheld altimeter

If you're planning an adventure getaway, don't leave home without this handy device and clip it to your rucksack. It displays altitude, barometric/sea level pressure, compass and current temperature readings with the ability to set sea level pressure manually to adjust for local conditions. Weather forecasts are displayed using icons such as sunny, partly cloudy, cloudy and rainy. Additionally, it is water resistant up to 50m and shock resistant up to 1m.

£49.99 [new window]

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