Fuel duty cash 'must help cut oil addiction'

The Government must pump the extra cash from fuel duty into reducing our dependency on fossil fuels, according to environmental campaigners.

Friends of the Earth has also called on politicians to impose a windfall tax on oil firms and use the revenue to improve energy efficiency.

The charity's Head of Campaigns, Mike Childs, said: "Rising fuel prices, increasing concern about climate change and fears about fuel security highlight the urgent need to wean ourselves off our addiction to oil.

"The Government must use increasing tax revenues from rising oil prices to invest in public transport, promote renewable energy and improve energy efficiency in our homes. We need a green industrial revolution to develop a low-carbon, safe and affordable future."

The charity has called for cash to be used to make the homes of the "fuel poor", people who spend at least 10 per cent of their income on energy bills, more energy efficient.

It also wants the Energy Bill to be changed so energy companies pay a premium for energy from renewable sources, both from business and domestic customers.

The calls come ahead of discussions in Brussels next week on new regulations for cars' fuel efficiency.

Friends of the Earth wants MEPs to introduce tough new rules, with new car carbon emissions cut to 80g per kilometre travelled by 2020.

Childs added: "Making new cars more fuel efficient will make a huge contribution to cutting transport's carbon dioxide emissions and will also save drivers money through lower fuel bills.

"MEPs must ensure the car industry plays its full part in tackling climate change by setting tough emissions standards."

Image: Friends of the Earth is calling for the Government to wean the UK off its "oil addiction"

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