Cash aid offered to help close industry skills gap

A £65 million drive to train more skilled workers in the UK science, engineering and manufacturing industries has been announced by the Government.

Workers who need more up-to-date business qualifications will be targeted for extra training, while firms will be urged to offer more apprenticeships and help their staff gain more qualifications.

Semta, the sector skills council for science, engineering and manufacturing, welcomed the announcement and said its advisers will help firms improve the skills of staff.

Semta's chief executive Philip Whiteman said: "Our partnership with government will deliver real economic benefits to science, engineering and manufacturing.

"To overcome significant skills gaps and make businesses more competitive, employers need access to funding for innovative programmes like Business Improvement Techniques.

"These not only upskill workers in a sustainable way, they also put employees on the qualifications ladder and provide measurable bottom line profits from quality, cost and delivery."

Image: Philip Whiteman, head of skills body Semta

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