White paper offers top four malware security tips

A white paper entitled 'How to protect business from malware at the endpoint and theperimeter' has been published by security provider Webroot.

This paper gives businesses the information to help make informed decisions about their options for tackling the onslaught of malicious content on their systems.

The numbers of malicious programs in circulation have now reached epidemic proportions with Webroot identifying almost 5.5m individual malicious programs during 2007. At its peak it found 1,000 new variants of existing malware in just one day.

Based on independent industry research from analyst firms worldwide, the white paper identifies the top four threats to enterprises and SMEs; outlines the criminal creativity behind malware; provides a glossary of terms used within the industry and highlights the need for businesses to focus on email security, as well as drawing attention to regulatory requirements and recommendations.

The report̵7;s top tips to protect businesses against malware include: to be above average with standards by following best practices; get an edge with technology by using the best and most up to date security measures to keep ahead of the danger; block spam at the perimeter, and proactively educate employees and staff̵7;.

"Awareness of the impact of malware has increased greatly over the past couple of years,̶1; says Nick Banks, EMEA managing director, Webroot. ̶0;Dealing with spyware, viruses, spam, phishing and Denial of Service attacks has become part of the average working day within IT departments.

"One of the biggest risks in the future is that this increased familiarity with the problem could breed complacency. We predict that malware will continue to evolve and become even more dangerous. It is important for those with a responsibility for the security of their business to understand the threats.̶1;

Image: Malware poses a persistent threat to businesses

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