UK troops to benefit from enhanced airspace data

A £100m system designed to tell British ground forces what is happening in the skies above them will help to reduce ̵6;friendly fire̵7; incidents, the government has claimed.

The Land Environment Air Picture Provision system (LEAPP) is expected to enter service in 2012 and will be supplied by Lockheed Martin UK INSYS as a replacement for the existing Ground/Airmobile Recognised Air Picture capability.

The aim is to help land commanders better coordinate airspace activity by providing them with a detailed local picture of their own and other forces. Because LEAPP̵7;s picture of local airspace is generated by collating data gathered from ground-based sensors connected to a vehicle or trailer, the equipment can be deployed in different configurations for a range of tasks.

UK subcontractors for the project include L3 Communications ASA, BAE Systems Integrated System Technologies, QinetiQ, Rockwell Collins UK and Systems Consultants Services.

Defence equipment minister Baroness Taylor said the : "LEAPP is a new, world-class system that will give our commanders on the ground a detailed picture of activity in the air showing the location of allies in relation to opposing forces. It will improve commanders' ability to plan and strike effectively and help prevent 'friendly-fire' incidents. Battles of the future will benefit significantly from this system."

Image: LEAPP will help land commanders coordinate airspace activity

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