Revised BS 7000 series design management systems

Research has revealed that organisations that evolve a framework for long-term innovation react faster to threats or surprise, are more likely to take effective action and are better at changing and so more likely to succeed.

Design management is an area that is often overlooked; this can lead to waste and missed opportunities. In light of this, BSI British Standards has revised the BS 7000 series of standards. These revisions incorporate many suggestions from both users and non-users to make the standard more accessible and immediately useful.

This series addresses the issues surrounding design management from initial outset of the design of a product through to the end of its lifecycle and when it becomes obsolescent. The standards cover a range of industry sectors including manufacturing and the service industry.

"BS 7000-1:2008, Design management systems. Guide to managing innovation" was developed to enable senior executives or principals of organizations to plan products, services and processes a significant time into the future: at least a generation after the generation currently under development.

"BS 7000-1:2008" gives guidance on managing innovation: specifically the development of innovative and competitive products that will satisfy the customer̵7;s perceived and latent needs in the long-term future (the generation after the generation beyond those currently under development). It does not encompass continuous improvement in the short term. It costs £170, with a reduced price for BSI members of £85.

"BS 7000-2:2008, Design management systems. Guide to managing the design of manufactured products" deals with creating and delivering excellent products with market appeal and high levels of customer satisfaction requires an integrated approach to design, from the board of an organization to project managers and their multi-disciplinary teams.

"BS 7000-2:2008" provides an overview for managing design of manufactured products at both project and corporate level. It costs £160, with a reduced price for BSI members of £80.

"BS 7000-10:2008, Design management systems. Vocabulary of terms used in design management" lists the definitions of over 150 key terms used in design and its management, including those that have particular meanings when used in different areas of industry and commerce.

The standard eliminates the need to use jargon and therefore gives rise to the consistent use of a corporate language so that everyone can understand what is being said, which ever way the term is used. It costs £150, with a reduced price for BSI members of £75. 

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Image: The revised BS 7000 publications from BSI are designed to help companies plan for the future

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