Radar gives wall-piercing images from a distance

The developers of a through-wall radar system capable of checking what̵7;s going on inside a room in dangerous situations have introduced a remote control feature that allows it to be put in position by a robot while the operator remains at a safe distance.

The new TCP/IP-based laptop add-on for Cambridge Consultants̵7; prism 200 is designed to improve safety when the device is being used in hostage situations or when searching a building for criminals or terrorists. Potentially, any computer capable of linking to the device over the internet could review the 3D information it gathers in real time via a cabled or wireless connection.

According to programme manager Alan Wiltshire, removing the need for a team to be in close proximity when using prism 200 reduces the chance of detection. ̶0;The additional data recording capability can be used to collect information for use in post-mission debriefing or for training purposes,̶1; he added. ̶0;During a recent training course for the police it became clear that the capability could also be used for evidential purposes.̶1;

Prism 200 has been sold to police, ministries of the interior, coastguard, security services, military and special forces customers throughout the world.

The laptop application also provides new methods of display with the capability to historically track the movements of suspects as they move around a room and it can provide further intelligence on the situation in the room.

Image: Prism 200 maps movement inside a room

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