Protests held on 'Fossil Fools Day'

Climate change campaigners are marking "Fossil Fools Day" with a series of protests including apologies to polar bears and a mock-up of a coal-fired power station outside Parliament.

Student group People and Planet are building a power station with 12ft cooling towers in Parliament Square in protest against Government plans for new coal-fired plants.

And climate change activists masquerading as Porsche executives are delivering a mock apology to an audience of protesting "polar bears" outside the luxury car firm's main London showroom in Berkeley Square.

The "apology" follows the luxury car firm's legal challenge to the £25 London congestion charge proposed by Mayor Ken Livingstone for vehicles with the highest emissions.

Richard Howlett, one of the activists from London Climate Action which grew out of the Climate Camp held at Heathrow last August, said: "Taking legal action to prevent the mayor from tackling the climate crisis is pure fossil foolery.

"It's ridiculous that we have been forced to say sorry for Porsche. Wouldn't it be better if they did it themselves? This isn't about telling people that cars are bad and they shouldn't drive, but showing that Porsche and others like Mercedes Benz and Chrysler Daimler can't claim to be green whilst crushing moves to end climate change."

A number of campaign groups including Rising Tide, the World Development Movement and Earth First! are taking part in the April Fossil Fools Day of action to highlight climate change and target those in the fossil fuel industry for their role in global warming.

Action also includes a "laugh-in" at the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (BERR) over plans for a new coal-fired power station at Kingsnorth, Kent.

The protests come the day after energy giant E.ON said a decision on its plans to build Britain's first coal-fired power station since 1984 at Kingsnorth should not be made until later in the year.

The company proposed that a decision on whether to approve the application should wait until the Government had finished its consultation into carbon capture and storage (CCS).

Climate change campaigners said the Government's plans had suffered a significant setback following the announcement.

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Image: Fossil Fools Day protests took place around the world

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