Ofcom proposes solution to providing super-fast broadband

Ofcom has announced its proposal to deliver super-fast broadband - with speeds of up to 100 Mbit/s - through underground pipes, traditionally used to carry water. 

The concept is designed to distribute next-gen broadband networks to businesses and new build homes over the upcoming years, with a sample survey of the UK̵7;s existing underground telecoms infrastructure and the potential of its use for fibre roll-out, disclosed at the IET this week.

The survey is critical to enable greater understanding of the economic and physical characteristics that need to be considered for the future development of broadband in the UK.

̶0;Super-fast broadband ̵1; next-generation access and networks ̵1; are crucial to the UK̵7;s future. These networks form part of the critical infrastructure of the country̵7;s economy and will be central to the way we live our lives in the future,̶1; Ofcom̵7;s Chief Executive, Ed Richards announced when speaking to the IET.

̶0;I believe that super-fast, next-generation broadband will come to change our perception of communications radically; alongside mobile broadband, it will in time have a similar impact upon our society and economy as we have seen with first-generation broadband. So we must prepare now.

̶0;Given the remarkable results from recent French surveys, we need to establish what the position is here and whether or not duct access has a role to play in the development of competitive next-generation access. So, in cooperation with operators we intend to undertake a sample survey of the existing duct network.̶1;

Ofcom is also encouraging communications providers, property developers and the utilities industries to work together to develop standards to guide its commercial success and offer providers equal opportunities.

̶0;Super-fast broadband is ripe for deployment in new build areas,̶1; says Richards. ̶0;We need to take advantage of this and encourage investment in networks, while promoting competition. This will allow consumers to benefit from all the advantages of super-fast access speeds, competitive provision and choice.̶1;

Image: Ed Richards, Ofcom CEO

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