Most businesses want to outsource green responsibility

Faced with investing in green solutions, half of IT decision-makers would seek to shift responsibility by outsourcing to a third party, reveals a report entitled 'Passing The Green IT Buck' from value-added reseller Bell Micro.

Some 85 per cent of organisations with a green policy were found to be more likely to be outsourcing IT functionality, yet only 27 per cent insisted on checking the green credentials of a supplier; 21 per cent admitted to having 'no knowledge if such checks were even in place'.

The survey questioned 350 IT professionals at director level in January and February 2008. It was conducted on behalf of Bell Micro by Dynamic Markets.

Half of those questioned in fact believe that IT is not responsible for the bulk of an organisation's CO2 emissions. Of the small proportion of organisations that have implemented a 'full' green IT policy (which is just 8 per cent in the UK, according to the survey), the most common measures taken remain to be recycling of hardware, paper, and cans - indicating that policies fall short when it comes to addressing the real concerns of energy consumption.

Of the 350 organisations questioned throughout the UK, 15 per cent which have a green IT policy have not yet started implementation, while a further 61 per cent of those that have a policy have not implemented them completely.

Faced with the prospect of being forced to implement a compliant green IT policy, 18 per cent of UK business feared that they would not be ready within a 12-month period. While the Bell research suggests mediocre planning among organisations considering green policy might be to blame, greater concern is raised by the apparent failure of businesses to recognise a need to address IT concerns.

Only 25 per cent of those with existing policies have addressed the need for increased hardware use, or have recommended implementing energy-saving hardware or software solutions. Fewer still have addressed the value of server virtualisation or consolidation of either virtual or actual storage within the data centre ̵1; 13 per cent in both cases.

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Image: Eighty-five per cent of organisations with a green policy were found to be more likely to be outsourcing IT functionality

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