Marathon runner to be tracked on the internet

The progress and fitness of a runner in the Paris Marathon will be shown live on the internet on Sunday 6 April.

The runner̵7;s heart rate, ECG, location and speed will be monitored remotely in real time on the website The runner will wear a Bluetooth heart monitor, developed by Alive Technologies, a Bluetooth GPS receiver and a Bluetooth mobile phone.

The mobile phone collects the data from both devices and transmits them to a web server. From the start until the finish of the marathon, visitors will be able to follow the progress of the runner live.

The runner̵7;s position in the marathon will be displayed on a map of the course in real time, accompanied by graphs of the ECG, heart rate, speed and altitude. The race starts at 08.45am CET on Sunday 6th April.

The live webcast is a collaboration between the Australian company Alive Technologies and the French company Cyberfab.

Further information:

Image: Bluetooth technology, such as this heart monitor, is the key to the Paris marathon experiment

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