Euro project to predict glucose levels

Toumaz Technology has joined a project worth €7.1m to develop a personalised blood glucose prediction tool intended to improve the lives of millions of diabetes patients.

The grant award, made under the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) of the European Community, will fund a four-year research and development project into the DIAdvisor portable glucose prediction system, which will use Toumaz’s Sensium wireless body monitoring technology.  The large-scale project is being co-ordinated by diabetes-care company Novo Nordisk, and will be delivered by a consortium of 13 medical, industrial and academic partners, including the European region of the International Diabetes Federation (IDF).

The DIAdvisor will be designed to provde insulin dependent patients with much greater control in managing their condition. Current diabetes management techniques are restricted to the analysis of blood glucose history, with almost no ability to predict what blood glucose levels might be in several hours’ time. The DIAdvisor system will analyse physiological data from body-worn wireless monitors based on the Sensium technology platform.

The tool will enable diabetics to adjust their insulin therapy or take other measures to regulate glucose levels, such as food intake and exercise thereby significantly reducing the risk, occurrence and potential treatment costs of hypoglycaemic events and the debilitating complications that arise from long term hyperglycaemia. 

First stage data gathering and clinical trials are planned to start in August 2008, with initial data expected by the end of the year.

“Insulin-treated diabetes is one of the most difficult therapies to manage, because of the difficulty in actively predicting glucose levels.  What this exciting collaborative project delivers is a gathering of the most eminent experts in the fields of medicine, healthcare, science and technology to enable the creation of a totally unique system to improve diabetes control, optimise therapy, and ensure better qualify of life for the large populations of Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes patients,” said Alison Burdett, director of technology for Toumaz Technology. “With DIAdvisor, we will be putting a sophisticated treatment advisor in the hands of patients for the first time, empowering them in their own healthcare management and significantly reducing the likelihood of serious complications and recurrent hospitalisation due to poor glucose control.  For healthcare providers, this will have a significant positive impact on cost reduction for the treatment of diabetes.”

Image: The project aims to find less intrusive means of determining and predicting glucose levels in the body

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