Britain's 'feeble' renewable energy record slammed

Environmental campaigners have urged MPs to support legislation that would reward households and businesses for producing renewable energy.

Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace and have taken out full page ads in three national newspapers comparing the UK's "feeble" performance in renewables compared with Germany.

They claim Germany has installed 200 times more solar power and more than 10 times the amount of wind power than the UK.

The campaigners want the Energy Bill currently going through Parliament to be amended to include feed-in tariffs, which would guarantee long-term payments to people selling their excess energy from microgeneration to the grid.

A cross party amendment to the bill will be debated on April 30 and would provide a "massive boost" to the small scale renewables industry in the UK, they said.

The groups say 270 MPs have signed a parliamentary petition asking for the bill to be amended.

Friends of the Earth economics campaigner Dave Timms said: "The UK's feeble performance on renewable energy is a national disgrace. If we want families and businesses to tackle climate change by investing in clean technologies such as solar panels for their homes and offices then they must get a guaranteed premium payment for all the renewable energy they generate.

"The Government must take this opportunity to amend the current Energy Bill to include legislation for a feed-in tariff. Countries, such as Germany, who have adopted this policy have raced ahead in generating renewable energy while also creating the green jobs and low-carbon industries of the future."

Image: Environmental pressure groups are comparing the UK government's track record on renewable energy unfavourably with that of other EU countries

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