Boeing tests first hydrogen-powered flight

US aerospace group Boeing has tested the first manned hydrogen-battery powered plane in aviation history.

Hydrogen fuel cell technology was used to power a two-seater Dimona motor-glider which took off from an airfield in Spain.

The technology has zero carbon emission, producing only water as a by-product.

The plane was built by Diamond Aircraft Industries, of Austria, and modified by Boeing engineers to include a fuel cell and lithium-ion battery power system.

The project was the result of pan-European between Boeing and partners in Austria, France, Germany, Spain and the UK.

John Tracy, Boeing̵7;s chief technology officer, said the flight was a first in the history of aviation. ̶0;Boeing recognises that pollution represents a serious environmental challenge,̶1; he added.

Image: the Dimona motor-glider takes to the air in Spain

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