BAE Systems demos multi-user control of unmanned vehicles

BAE Systems̵7; new Apex experimentation facility in New Malden has hosted a demonstration showing how groups of unmanned air and land vehicles can work under the command of a number of battlefield commanders to deliver reconnaissance and surveillance information to front-line troops.

The UK exercise is the first in a series of trials that will lead to a live vehicle demonstration at BAE Systems' West Sale test facility in Australia in November this year. The aim was to show how two unmanned ground vehicles and a pair of unmanned air vehicles can pass information between themselves and their command centres, while allowing control to be passed between different command systems in real time.

The demonstration was part of BAE Systems' capability augmentation programme, an initiative managed by the company's strategic capability solutions unit. It used systems and software technology drawn from across the group, including Aerosystems International, BAE Systems Australia, Integrated System Technologies, Electronic & Information Systems and Military Air Solutions.

On the battlefield, being able to seamlessly pass control of unmanned vehicles between different stations is vitally important, said programme manager Andy Wright. "In this kind of operation, it's critical that the payload ̵1; in this case, vital surveillance and reconnaissance information ̵1; and the tasking of an unmanned asset, is transferred quickly and effectively between commanders."

Image: One of the unmanned ground vehicles being developed by BAE Systems

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