Technology populism will drive next wave of IT adoption

The next wave of change within IT organisations will be 'fuelled by the proliferation of consumer devices, social networking tools, and cloud-based collaboration services making their way into the enterprise', according to a report by technology analyst Forrester Research

What Forrester calls 'technology populism' will force IT professionals to rethink how they evaluate, provision, and support collaborative software and services. This change will 'upend the traditional way that technology is deployed', the forecaster believes.

"Organisations are increasingly dominated by 'Generations Xers' and 'Millennials', a workforce adept at provisioning its own technology, and one that is willing to shun traditional methods of communication," said Forrester Research principal analyst Matthew Brown. "One leading technology vendor told Forrester that one of its clients required Sony Playstation support because many of its younger employees used Playstations instead of PCs."

Among the challenges posed by Technology Populism are how to govern Web 2.0 technologies, ensuring information integrity and avoiding information silos, a real issue as these new tools could create volumes of information micro-silos that make it next to impossible to find information. In addition, IT departments are faced with current collaboration and social computing technologies becoming obsolete as 'technology populism' grows.

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Image: Organisations are increasingly dominated by 'Generations Xers' and 'Millennials', a workforce adept at provisioning its own technology

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