Survey reveals downturn in email archiving assurance

Research from content management association AIIM indicates that 63 per cent of UK respondents have little or no confidence that emails related to commitments and obligations made by them and their staff are recorded, complete and recoverable. This compares to 56 per cent in the 2007 survey.

When asked: 'If your organisation was sued by a former customer or citizen, how long would it take to produce all of the information related to that person?' 27 per cent cited more than one month.

The annual AIIM user survey researches the state of the market as indicated by responses from 650 AIIM end-user members in Europe and North America. According to AIIM UK managing director Doug Miles, these results indicate that investment in document and email management systems is failing to keep pace with the email deluge. It also suggests that recent high-profile cases may have alerted organisations to their potential vulnerabilities.

"The research also reflects a general lack of control over all non-paper records, with 51 per cent not confident that their electronic information is accurate, accessible and trustworthy - up from 44 per cent last year," adds Miles. "For larger organisations, savings in legal discovery costs alone could justify an ECM investment."

AIIM will address these issues further at its 2008 AIIM Roadshow, which visits five UK cities ̵1; Glasgow, Bolton, Coventry, Bristol, and London ̵1; from 28 April to 2 May 2008.

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Image: Investment in document and email management systems is failing to keep pace with the email deluge

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