'Smart glass' technology licensed for armoured vehicles

A company that makes specialised windows and screens for the aerospace industry has taken a licence on 'smart glass' light-control technology for armoured vehicles.

GKN Aerospace Transparency Systems has signed an agreement with US firm Research Frontiers, the developer and licensor of SPD-Smart light-control film technology. The licence allows GKN Aerospace to make and sell armoured SPD-SmartGlass products for vehicles.

When integrated with glass or plastic sunroofs, windscreens and other vehicle glazings, SPD-Smart film lets users control the amount of light, glare and heat entering the vehicle rapidly, precisely and uniformly, while providing on-demand privacy.

Under the licence agreement, GKN Aerospace can offer armoured SPD-Smart products to numerous transportation vehicle markets including passenger cars, trucks, trains, RVs, armoured personnel carriers, tanks, amphibious vehicles and warships.

The transparencies can be optically clear, block over 99.5 per cent of visible light, and are tunable manually or automatically to any level of light transmission between clear and dark.

Jim Dauw, president and CEO of GKN Aerospace Special Products, commented: ̶0;Having followed the trends in smart glass for several years, we believe it is now essential that we offer a smart glass feature to our transparency products. We believe SPD-Smart film technology will meet customer demand for instant control of light, and for the ability to take light levels to an extremely dark state when desired, and will integrate effectively with specialised materials and designs.̶1;

Image: GKN will offer light-control capability in its armoured-glass products for vehicles

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