NXP buys into Numetrics planning

NXP Semiconductors has taken out a licence for the latest release of Numetrics Management Systems’ project-estimation and planning tools. The chipmaker aims to use the tools across all its chip-design teams having worked for Numetrics for a number of years on a series of pilots and individual projects.

The three-year deal will see NXP license Numetrics’ NMX-ERP software suite.

“Numetrics tools give us an objective assessment of schedule accuracy and staffing levels on our active projects every quarter, together with an industry benchmark of our product development and planning performance,” said Rene Penning de Vries, NXP’s chief technology officer.

Barry Dennington, senior vice president at NXP, added: “We have gone from the situation where we say to teams, ‘We would like you to use Numetrics’, to where it is mandatory that they use Numetrics. The tools give us great predictability and they allow us to set targets on our suppliers.”

The Numetrics tools are based on a database of information from chip projects at a number of chipmakers and, based on evaluations of design complexity, provide estimates of how quickly a project can be expected to last and how many people and other resources will be needed to complete it on time.

Ron Collett, president and CEO of Numetrics, said the tool can be used to perform what-if analyses: “If I change staffing levels, how will that change the cycle time?”

Image: NXP is using the Numetrics tools for planning chip-design projects

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