Aircraft carriers progress with �70 million contracts

MoD contracts worth over £70million for the supply of steel and other important equipment for the two new Royal Navy aircraft carriers have been announced by Defence Minister Baroness Taylor.

Contracts have been placed for:

  • The supply of over 80,000 tonnes of steel from Corus for manufacture of the two ships to an estimated value of £65 million.
  • The supply of Blown Fibre Optic Cable Plant (BFOCP) technology for the installation of optical cables for data transfer within the ships at a cost in excess of £3 million.
  • Reverse osmosis equipment for production of fresh water onboard the ships at an initial contract value in excess of £1 million.
  • Aviation fuel systems equipment to allow the fuelling and de-fuelling of embarked aircraft at a contract value of approximately £4 million.

Baroness Taylor said: ̶0;Today̵7;s announcement is a further signal of our commitment to the new aircraft carriers, which will be the nation̵7;s flagships. The construction of the carriers is good for British industry, bringing work not only to our principal shipyards but also to other industries across the UK.̶1;

Project Team Leader Rear Admiral Bob Love said: ̶0;We are delighted with the reaction we have had from industry in terms of their keenness to support this significant project. These orders take us further along our path to commencing build work within the yards.̶1;

Image: Baroness Taylor

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