�2.5 million in UK funding for Renewable Energy Partnership

The UK will remain the world̵7;s leading donor to the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP), with £2.5 million in funding for the coming year announced by UK Energy Minister Energy Malcolm Wicks in Japan this week.

UK Environment Minister Phil Woolas said that the funding would form part of a three-year further financial commitment to REEEP by the UK. The UK has contributed nearly £9m to the Partnership since its inception in 2003.

Mr Woolas said: ̶0;Driven by funding and support from the UK, REEEP has become one of the most successful partnerships of the World Sustainable Development Dialogue. It has implemented a wide range of projects that are helping to scale up investment in renewable energy and energy efficiency and it has developed a network that enables success and best practice to be quickly replicated and scaled up so that it can make an even bigger impact.̶1;

Since its inception in 2004, REEEP has grown significantly with other donors, including Norway and Australia, also contributing substantially to the Partnership̵7;s programmes and activities. REEEP̵7;s successes have been recognised in the last three G8 communiques as making a significant contribution to the deployment of low carbon technology in developing countries.

REEEP is an international alliance of governments, NGOs and businesses dedicated to accelerating and expanding the global market for renewable energy and energy-efficient technologies. It focuses on reducing carbon emissions, improving energy security and ensuring access to clean energy.

REEEP is dedicated to the development and support of legislative, regulatory and financial frameworks that stimulate renewable energy and energy efficiency markets. It is active globally, with a wide portfolio of on-the-ground projects targeting the development of policy, finance and business models that can be replicated by governments and project developers worldwide. The partnership has more than 200 members, with more than 35 government partners including all the G7.

Image: UK Environment Minister Phil Woolas

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