TIG is better than MIG

Panasonic Factory Solutions Company has introduced a significant arc welding process improvement for the Tawers family of robots

Tawers-Tig, as it is called, is made for thin, high-speed, spatter-sensitive applications such as in the automotive muffler industry. It allows for a faster, cleaner weld on mild and stainless steel.

Panasonic researchers found that conventional TIG welding often faces difficulties in maintaining a consistent weld due to the noise created by the high frequency voltage required to start the arc. "Touch Start" on Tawers-Tig eliminates noise and allows the heat input to be maintained at all times regardless of any slight changes in the base metal.

Conventional TIG welding also has a limited window of wire speed feed capability. Tawers-Tig's "Filler-Torch" lessens the distance between the wire and the electrode, letting the arc pre-heat the wire - allowing for faster wire-melting speed and an overall larger process window for wire feed speed changing.

Image: The Panasonic Tawers-Tig

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