Sellafield graduate training

ATG and Sellafield Ltd (formerly British Nuclear Group) have agreed a scheme to enhance the training of electrical engineering graduates in the nuclear industry

ATG is providing four to six month placements for Sellafield graduates in the second year of their training programme to allow graduates to gain a more robust grounding in all aspects of Control, Electrical, and Instrumentation (CE&I) engineering design and project management. The aim is to support their professional registration with the IET and their future career development.

Graduates will be able to develop skills in a competitive supplier environment, where detailed design work, manufacturing experience and cost control responsibility on demanding short timescale projects will be more readily available. An additional benefit will be to have ATG engineers work directly with the graduates to achieve a better understanding of Sellafield's processes and procedures.

Dr Ian Belger, Sellafield Ltd CE&I principal engineer, commented: "The main aim of the graduates' secondment to ATG is to allow them to develop an enhanced understanding of the interface requirements between Sellafield Ltd and the supply chain businesses. As a result, it is hoped that they will be better placed to deliver more meaningful requirements and guidance to the supply chain when placing contracts and work."

John McDonald, operations director of ATG's Nuclear Division, said: "ATG has long standing close links with the IET and we have always encouraged our own engineering staff to seek professional registration. BNFL, British Nuclear Group and Sellafield Ltd have been major customers of ours for many years and I am delighted that we are able to support them in developing their future engineers."

Image: Sellafield and ATG are to offer work placements to electrical engineering graduates

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