Rugged military cable can withstand rocks ice and vehicles

Communications cable for military use needs to withstand a range of harsh treatment, mishandling and being dragged over rocks and ice, but nevertheless still maintain acceptable electrical properties

A new series of rugged mast cables for use in ground mobile communication applications has been designed with an internal wire-wound layer and rugged external jacket in order to prevent damage in harsh military environments.

The cables are designed to withstand harsh physical environments, such as crushing, abrasion or bending, while still maintaining acceptable VSWR (Voltage Standing Wave Radio) and insertion loss performance. The cables must also withstand being deployed to an external antenna from a mobile vehicle.

Other problems the cables must withstand include "mishandling during spooling and unspooling, being dragged over rocks and ice, crushing forces such as stepping on the cables or even vehicles driving over them", said Ray Schwartz, cable technologist, Tyco Electronics, which has introduced the new line of cables.

The construction of the cables uses an integral helically wrapped, stainless steel spring to provide maximum durability and strength plus an extruded polyurethane outer jacket to protect it from abrasions and UV damage.

Image: The rugged cables are designed to continue working in the harshest of military environments

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