OnGuard collision avoidance system launched

Meritor Wabco Vehicle Control Systems has launched OnGuard, a forward-looking, radar-based adaptive cruise control system with active braking for commercial vehicles in North America

The industry-first technology is scheduled to be available in the third quarter of 2008 as a factory-installed option on several OEM brands. It provides active braking, improving vehicle safety by automatically using the vehicle foundation brakes to alert the driver and decelerate the vehicle when it gets too close to the vehicle in front.

Jon Morrison, president and general manager, Meritor Wabco Vehicle Control Systems said: "The driver is still the most important element in maintaining vehicle safety. However, the system can provide the additional split-second deceleration needed to maintain control of the vehicle in an emergency situation."

Automatic foundation brake intervention distinguishes OnGuard from existing passive collision warning systems, which can only alert the driver to a potentially dangerous situation through alarm and engine braking. With this new product on a lorry, if the pre-determined 'safe' distance is compromised, OnGuard will provide visual and audible warning to the driver, vehicle deceleration through engine control, retarder control and most importantly, noticeable foundation braking. Foundation brake deceleration can be as great as one-third of a full brake application for the vehicle but within safe limits for the driver to take control.

A further advantage of the system is that it fully integrates with the anti-lock braking and stability control systems. This allows the customer to build a pyramid of safety for the vehicle with stability control and collision safety system via a single brake ABS ECU versus having additional 'add-on' systems.

OnGuard's forward-looking, mono-pulse radar sensor is capable of detecting multiple moving and fixed objects at distances up to 500 feet away. It quickly and reliably coordinates responses from the engine, transmission and anti-lock braking systems through communications across the SAE J1939 data network. It provides feedback to the driver through the in-cab dash display, which includes a progressive audible alert.

Image: OnGuard will help truckers handle emergency braking situations more effectively

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