Ofcom spectrum auction closes

UK regulator Ofcom has awarded licences, in the higher frequency bands 10GHz-40GHz, to ten organisations following its fourth auction of radio spectrum. In total £1.43m was raised.

The online auction took place between 11 February and 21 February. T-Mobile paid £321,000 for 2 x 80MHz in 10GHz band, 2 x 252MHz in the 32GHz band and 2 x 250MHz in the 40GHz band. Arqiva paid £260,500 for 2 x 224MHz in the 28GHz band. Orange paid £272,130 for 2 x 252MHz in the 32GHz band, while BT paid £183,000 for 2 x 126MHz in the 32GHz band. Other companies who bought spectrum were MLL, Digiweb, Faultbasic, Red-M, Transfinite, and UK Broadband.

The higher frequency bands 10GHz to 40GHz are suitable for high-capacity wireless services, such as point to point broadband connections between nearby buildings.Ofcom auctioned the spectrum on a technology and service neutral basis, so holders flexibility in deciding what technology to use, what services to offer and to change their use of the spectrum over time. All licences issued are tradable. The licences are for 15 years.

Image: Ofcom's headquarters in London

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