Mass mailing of Valentines Day spam alert

Lovers beware: Kaspersky Lab has reported a large-scale global mass mailing of Valentine's Day spam. The message currently accounts for about 5 per cent of all mail traffic checked by Kaspersky's Hosted Security Services.

The Valentine's Day mass mailing is global and was first identified by Kaspersky Lab at 11.00pm GMT on the evening of 11 February (2008). The text of the message asks the recipient to click on a link to view a selection of Valentine's Day e-cards.

However, clicking on the link simultaneously downloads a malicious file, identified by Kaspersky Lab as Packed.Win32.Tibs.ic, Kaspersky reports. The link in the message is displayed in the format, where xxx is a number, which is unusual for this type of mailing.

"We expect the peak in Valentine's Day spam is still to come," says David Emm, senior technology consultant at Kaspersky Lab. "An e-card may genuinely contain a message of love and affection, but there are those who use such occasions to spread malicious programs."

Further information:

Image: A careless dalliance with an unexpected Valentine's e-card gift may result in infection, warns Kaspersky Lab

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