LG handsets selected to lead Horizon phone campaign

Two mobile phones developed by LG Electronics have been announced in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress as the winning products to spearhead the Horizon Phone initiative, which aims to provide a range of multi-band mobile broadband handsets supporting HSPA around the world

The LG handsets were selected by a panel of nine operators: Ancel, AT&T, Cable & Wireless International, Entel PCS, Rogers Wireless, Telecom Personal, Telefonica Moviles, Telenor and Telstra.

Last year, the GSM Association (GSMA), a trade association for the mobile industry, and several operators established an 850 user group to promote more widespread adoption of the 850MHz spectrum along with other dominant frequencies. This led to the creation of the Horizon Phone initiative. In the first phase of this initiative, a competition among handset vendors was launched to produce a portfolio of 850/1900/2100MHz tri-band HSPA mobile phones that could be launched into the global market.

"The GSMA's Horizon Phone initiative will help operators to establish the 850MHz spectrum as an integral 3G frequency band, which will lead to greater scale economies, more cost effective communications and greater choice of products for users," said Craig Ehrlich, chairman of the GSMA. "We congratulate LG as the selected supplier for the Horizon Series of phones."

To judge the competition, a panel of experts from the nine operators worked together on the requirements and specifications for ubiquitous mobile broadband. Handset vendors were then invited to submit proposals for tri-band HSPA handsets operating at 850/1900/2100MHz, as well as conventional GSM bands.

LG Electronics was chosen as the winner for two of its handsets, the LG-KM560/LG-CM560 and LG-KP330/LG-CP330. Both phones run on high-speed 3G networks (HSPA) at 850/1900/2100 MHz as well as on GSM at 850/900/1800/1900 MHz. The handsets were selected for their style, performance, and competitive pricing to meet operator's market requirements.

Image: LG handsets have been chosen to spearhead the Horizon Phone initiative

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