Gemalto delivers European Java PKI e-health insurance cards first

Gemalto will provide health sector specialists ZZZS and Cetis with the latest generation of electronic health cards for Slovenian citizens

The electronic health card is the first of its kind in Europe to feature a Java public key infrastructure (PKI) that will secure the online health system via a digital signature for health professionals.

Gemalto's Coesys Issuance solution to be delivered in Slovenia consists of middleware, digital signature capabilities, software applications, applets and cards. Security document printing company Cetis will operate the personalisation of the cards and the PKI infrastructure.

ZZZS, the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia, in charge of the National Health Insurance Card System, will act as system integrator and will issue the cards to the citizens.

The whole solution ensures backward compatibility with the existing infrastructure. Slovenia was among the very first countries to introduce microprocessor-based health cards in 2000. The country is now renewing and upgrading the two million e-health cards in circulation there.

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Image: Slovenia was among the first EU countries to introduce microprocessor-based health cards in 2000

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