ENIAC gets green light

The ENIAC nanoelectronics research programme has been given the go-ahead by the European Commission with a projected outlay of €3bn. But industry is expected to stump up for more than half of the cost of R&D projects.

The European Commission has formed a programme for research into nanoelectronics and given it a budget of €3bn with much of the money expected to come from industry. The commission said it will fund no more than 16.7 per cent of the total, with more than half of the money for research coming direct from companies. The remainder will be made up by member states.

The first call for R&D project proposals under ENIAC, which forms part of Framework Programme 7, will be issued in the second quarter of 2008. The projects will focus on the areas of mobility and transportation, health, energy, communication, education and entertainment, and security.

"We welcome the start of the ENIAC Joint Undertaking, as the fulfilment of the new comprehensive public-private approach that will increase the competitiveness of Europe in the field of nanoelectronics," said Alain Dutheil, chairman of the ENIAC European Technology Platform and newly appointed president of the Association for European Nanoelectronics Activities (AENEAS). "Now that the joint undertaking has been launched, it is time to move to the implementation phase and transform the ENIAC Strategic Research Agenda into strong industrial research projects."

Image: ENIAC will pursue research that will help create smaller transistors and more complex chips

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