Bus service registration streamlined

Bus passengers in eastern England will be the first in the UK to go benefit from a high-tech electronic data system that will deliver faster and more accurate information about services

The Electronic Bus Service Registration (EBSR) has been developed in partnership with the Department for Transport, VOSA (the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency) and transport authorities. It is first being introduced in Stagecoach's operations in Cambridge and Peterborough.

Stagecoach is planning a national roll-out of the new technology across its UK bus operations, with Oxford, the East of England, Wales, Manchester and west Scotland next in line to benefit from the system later this year.

EBSR is based around the National Bus Stops database (NAPTAN), which is maintained by local authorities across the UK. The system uses sophisticated mapping and database management tools to deliver data electronically between bus operators, transport authorities and real-time information and journey planning systems.

Previously, data had to be re-entered manually into national and local systems from paper records, which required significant time and resources and was vulnerable to typing errors.

The new system means faster and more accurate information can ultimately be provided to customers in various ways, including on mobile phones, over the Internet and at bus stops.

It will also help speed up the Traffic Commissioner bus registration process and, in conjunction with other software, assist bus operators in planning their networks and making more effective use of vehicles and drivers.

Stagecoach has spent two years successfully testing the system in conjunction with VOSA and local authority partners in two pilot areas and is going live with the technology in Cambridge and Peterborough from 1 February 2008.

Image: Bus services in Cambridge are among the first to be registered electronically

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