�400m for low-carbon Britain

Setting out details of Defra's 2008/09 budget settlement, Hilary Benn has announced an increase in funding for clean energy technologies, investments and enterprises to over £400m over the next three years

As part of the domestic Environmental Transformation Fund (ETF), the Carbon Trust will receive £47.4m to bring forward new energy technologies such as offshore wind, third-generation photovoltaic power, marine energy and biomass heating.

This funding will also be used to increase the Carbon Trust's energy-saving loans scheme for small and medium sized enterprises by a further £12m to £62m since 2003.

In addition, over the next three years the government will also provide around £10m for a new anaerobic digestion demonstration programme. Up to four commercial-scale facilities will show the potential of this technology to create renewable energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and avoid waste being sent to landfill.

The 1.4 per cent real increase in Defra's overall budget on 2007/08 shows the government's commitment to the environment with significant new investment in the following areas.

Image: Hilary Benn has announced an increase in Defra's funding for clean energy technologies

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