Worlds largest LCD TV unveiled

Japanese manufacturer Sharp has been showing off the world's largest liquid crystal display (LCD) at EuroShop 2008, in Hamburg, Germany

The previous world record for plasma screen size was held by Panasonic for a 102 inch screen (sizes are measured diagonally). The Sharp Aquos TV screen is 93.9 inches high (two foot taller than a man), 52.9 inches wide, and 107.8 inches measured diagonally corner to corner. It is armed with 2.07 million pixels (1,920 x 1,080) and the picture is very clear.

But does this giant size matter? Theoretically, someone could buy one for their living room (if they can get it through the door). But Sharp argues that the screens mean that the day of the billboard poster is over. The giant screen will be used for e-signage applications and for showing adverts in department stores, airports, and train stations.

Image: Sharp has built on its expertise in the LCD market to produce its record-breaking 108-inch behemoth

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