New UK eco building to be at centre of sustainable technical development

An ambitious plan to create a new UK science park that addresses environmental concerns has kicked off on the outskirts of London

The Thames Innovation Centre is the first of a number of eco buildings to be built at Veridion Park in Erith, developed to house knowledge-led companies working in engineering, science and the creative arts.

The £8.2m Thames Innovation Centre has a range of high quality offices and work spaces as well as IT training facilities, conference rooms and even a coffee shop. With fast access to Europe and the city of London, the Thames Innovation Centre is expecting to attract global companies not only looking for a European base, but also looking to address their own environmental policies. In addition to this, the Thames Innovation Centre has a number of start-up units intended for local companies looking for a creative and stylish environment.

"Our environmental credentials should prove attractive to any company that is looking to adopt a greener operation," said Lesley Anne Rubenstein, chief executive. "Whether it's the fact that the Centre uses geothermic heat from the ground, has solar panel water heating on the roof or even the fact that the lighting throughout the building intelligently exploits daylight, there are few technology buildings in the world that have been designed with such thought for the environment."

In addition to the environmental design features, the Thames Innovation Centre provides an environment that will foster creativity, innovation and communication. "We feel that we are at the start of something very exciting," said Rubenstein. "With the improving links to Europe, the Thames area is becoming ever more attractive to companies looking to relocate or set up UK offices. In addition to this, we feel sure that the environmental nature of the Centre will help many companies in their efforts to be green. For us, it's a feeling of being in the right place, at the right time."

When fully developed, Veridion Park will cover 68 acres, meeting the needs of a wide range of small to medium sized technology companies. In addition to the Innovation Centre, the project will incorporate a number of flexible units to attract a broad base of businesses to the local area, creating new jobs and further enhancing the development's strong commercial position within the strategic Thames Gateway region.

Image: The Thames Innovation Centre employs a number of ecological energy technologies for its power, light and water

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